CPAAM - CPA Affiliate Mastermind

CPAAM – CPA Affiliate Mastermind (CPAAM)

Get Download CPAAM – CPA Affiliate Mastermind – The ULTIMATE EVERGREEN CPA Affiliate System Earn Up To $50.50 Per Sale + $13.50 Recurring!


CPA Affiliate Mastermind (CPAAM)

Sign Up Now and Join the Hottest EVERGREEN CPA Affiliate System…

Get signed up to qualify for JV Prizes, get leaderboard updates and get full details of the INSANE Cash Prizes being offered on this EVERGREEN CPA Affiliate launch…

Top Reasons to Jump Onboard Now…

  • AMAZING EPC’s: We continue to get EPC’s in the $1-$5 Range or More… As well as 10%+ Front-End Conversions and 25%+ on our OTOs across all products we’ve done. So expect sky rocketing EPC’s!
  • TOP COPYWRITERS: CPA Affiliate Mastermind features tested & proven sales copy. We have top notch copywriters & one of the best designers so you know this is going to convert like crazy!
  • GREAT COMMISSIONS: Our sales funnels always generate great commissions for our affiliates. CPA Affiliate Mastermind generates up to $50.50 per sale INCLUDING $13.50 per month payouts!

Proven Sales Funnel

Our private promo brought in an incredible $3.70+ EPC with 13.37% conversions on the front end alone for a monthly recurring $27 membership. We also saw 47%+ conversions on our OTO’s! As you can see below, Timothy’s stats are incredible and we also had another private Affiliate pull in these amazing stats:

CPA Affiliate Mastermind


Our Sales Funnel Makes You Money

Here’s exactly how we will be making you money… The Front End is the membership set at $27/month and we’re splitting all recurring income with you so you can build up a nice monthly recurring income yourself. We’ll grab your leaving potential customer with a $1 trial for 72 hours and we’ll give you 100% of that.

Our OTO 1 includes 8 Case Studies we put together + 50 Email Swipes in 4 different top niches we target. The Downsell is simply 4 Case Studies and 25 Email Swipes.

The OTO 2 contains 6 Landing Pages in 4 different niches we do which includes an advanced custom coded Landing Page with automatic zip location detection.

CPA Affiliate Mastermind

What Exactly is CPA Affiliate Mastermind?

CPA Affiliate Mastermind is a membership and community for both beginner and advanced affiliate marketers. We provide ongoing direct live support for our members for basically anything they need help with in their affiliate marketing business.

Here’s a run down of what we actually have inside for our members:

EVERGREEN Contest Prizes!

As you know, most affiliate programs only pay prizes to a handful of Super Affiliates… so we wanted to do something a little different!

Instead of only running a contest during the 7 day launch and then only rewarding the top 10, we want to make it MUCH FAIRER by having an ongoing open ended contest that allows everyone to have a shot at our cash prizes.

In our affiliate program it doesn’t matter how many other affiliates have sold more than you. All that counts is the sales YOU make!

We’ve personally been extremely disappointed when we’ve either missed a launch or even made more than 100 sales BUT still not won a prize due to other affiliates doing slightly better than us.

So this is why we wanted to design an EVERGREEN contest that gives everyone a chance of success… whether you’re a super affiliate or you’re just getting started…

Here’s How This Works…

Let’s say you reach 20 sales of CPA Affiliate Mastermind… we will send you a cash prize of $200 to say THANK YOU for the continued support. Then when you reach 40 sales we’ll send you another $200. When you get to 60 sales we’ll top up your total prizes by another $200 taking your total BONUS earnings to $600.

It’s important to point out that this is an EVERGREEN offer which means you can take 1 day to reach 60 sales… or you can take 1 year to reach 60 sales. It really doesn’t matter.

And it doesn’t stop there either… This is a lifetime affiliate contest and the prizes continue for as many sales you want to make. It just keeps going, and going, and going! We also bump your prize payout as well (see chart below):

See How Your EVERGREEN Earnings Continue To Grow…

CPA Affiliate Mastermind

We Reciprocate!

We love reciprocating for our fellow JV’s products that fit our list.
If you support us we’ll support you. Here’s a sample of what we have been able to do:

CPA Affiliate Mastermind

Check Out Our Past Launches

Timothy Miranda and I now have 18 WSO’s in a row that have received WSO Of The Day/Product Of The Day while raking in sky high conversions and EPC’s for affiliates and satisfying thousands of buyers! This launch is sure to be the same! See our previous launch stats below:

CPA Affiliate Mastermind


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