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Hello there, this is Amanda Bynes from Amanda Bynes’s community

To be honest, Paypal is getting more and more ridiculous. They limited our PayPal account without any reasons which is very inconvenient for our business. And what’s more, they charge very expensive fees per transaction (typically $3-$10). That’s why I encourage you to pay with crypto curencies by giving you 20% OFF (BTC, USDT, ETH,…), and it takes very low fee and no limitations. However, if you want to buy with PayPal, it’s okay, but you will just get 5-10% OFF

I know, if you are buying from us for the first time, when you pay with crypto, you will bear a lot of risk. No buyer protection when paying with crypto, I know that well, and I understand your sentiment.
So to give you 100% confidence, I have created a community and invited everyone who has purchased from us, you can feel free to join and discuss there. This community as a affirmation for “”Buyer Protection“”

Join us here (3500+ trusted members):

Further more, you can check our customer’s feedback here:

And yep, You will get 20% OFF when pay with crypto currencies => contact us the course you’re interested in, I will send payment details then

If you don’t have crypto, Pls follow the steps below, it’s easy and will just take 5 mins and will help you as well as we save money

Step 1: Register a Paxful account here and use your Credit Card or PayPal to buy crypto currencies (BTC, USDT, ETH):

Step 2: To buy crypto currencies:

Step 3: To send/ receive crypto currencies:

Our Paxful username: AmandaBynes

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USDT address (BEP20): 0x9eae9118c7c8cdb6800f35db627d8Bc17611E9B0

USDT address (ERC20): 0x50026F64437451BBf24B3D452989176c880DE8EC

ETH address (ERC20 & BEP20): 0x94e08320429e7028e6fb0e2a489361a716ceb77a

Yours sincerely,

Amanda Bynes