What is Membership?

Membership plan is a subscription to our organization that entitles the purchaser to certain benefits.

Each member’s plan makes you guys an active member for a specific period of time (or become a lifetime member), with a start date and end date, and entitles you guys to specific benefits that we offer you

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At Course24h, once you buy the membership (Monthly or Lifetime)

you will have full permission to get full access to all of our newest and oldest courses .

You can enjoy the courses by downloading or streaming as well with a very small cost but will worth. Check our courses below

monthly membership

We Accept Payment :

: Please contact us via Tawk or Email if you would like to pay with Skrill

: Payment Process Automate via our Sites .

: Payment Process Automate via our Sites

: Address: 1CNyP9GRTRCnp1D4jhjJEdvhNyuABbtcjG

How to Download Mega Files without Premium Account?


Step 1:

Choose the membership level that you prefer, click on (Pay with PayPal) button and you will be redirected to PayPal checkout page

Step 2:

Right after purchasing, you can Sign Up for yourself an account

Step 3:

Contact Us about your email, your username and capture the payment receipt you made via Email: courses24dollar@gmail.com.

We will upgrade your account right after receiving your email (It can take a while because of sleep time. Our time zone is GMT + 7)

*Note: You can upgrade to Lifetime Membership within 5 days just need to pay extra fee ($120). After 5 days, the prices are final

Account Access

Right after you purchase the membership, you will have access to all courses download links.

 Refund Policy:

Since, we provide digital service which is accessible immediately upon subscription, and due to this nature we offer a STRICT NO REFUND policy

*Important: Do not never ever tell with us that you just need only one course and then request for a refund as that course does not the one you are looking for (One course can have other versions or any other stupid reasons).

Once you enter the membership you will get access to more than 1500 other courses so that’s why we will not accept this bullshit reason. If you just need 1 course, please just buy it in retail shop

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Course24h Team