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Name of course: Elite Group Coaching | Size: 2.92 GB

Original Cost: $997| Sale Price: $24

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Elite Group Coaching by Michael Breen

All 12 success training modules…

  • Resourcing Up – Part 1
  • Zeroing In On My Goals & Moving Into Rapid Action
  • Learning & Skills Interventions For Long Term Success
  • Planning Engagements & Working With Others”
  • Getting Radical With The Fundamentals of NLP; In the pursuit of what you want
  • Become The Connector
  • Focus, Decision Making & Effective Action
  • Group Dynamics & Client Engagement 101
  • Taming The Big 3: Career Change, Uncertainty & Life As An Entrepreneur
  • The 3 Essential Skills For LONG Term Success
  • Resourcing Up Part 2
  • Strategies For Simply Advanced Change which will walk me through the critical “success strategies” to use to rapidly take action and produce your goals. This includes Michael’s best material on success strategies that work, that he’s developed and used while coaching his high paying multi-millionaire clients, high performers and A list celebrities. All modules will be delivered via our secure online training portal, delivered via MP3 audio download for easy listening offline and include word-for-word transcripts so you can review ever insight and strategy shared.

All 12 Coaching Modules where I get to hear Michael coaching past participants on a wide variety of coaching topics including:

  • How to build real momentum
  • How to plan when facing uncertainty
  • How to focus on the important things and organise your thinking about your goals so it leads to action
  • How to create strong boundaries and avoid getting pushed around
  • How to define success so it is meaningful for you
  • How can you make decisions that give the highest ROI
  • How to stay focused on your goals and most important priorities
  • How to think your way through seemingly stuck problems. And much more



  • FREE BONUS #1:How to Build & Maintain Generalisations For Influence and Change so you can discover and rewire the game rules that control your life.
  • FREE BONUS #2: Using NLP in Business – An Introduction. Learn how to use NLP in business like the pros.
  • FREE BONUS #3: Training Mastery – Master of Training Design & Group Facilitation, so I can learn Michael’s best content on how to design exceptional trainings or talks.

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