Meat & Hair – The Magic Message Bootcamp 2023 (Ash Ambirge)

Meat & Hair – The Magic Message Bootcamp 2023 (Ash Ambirge)

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Meat & Hair – The Magic Message Bootcamp

Nail Your Message & Find Your BIG IDEA

Does Your Message Sound Like a Mouthful of Jargony, Rambly Goop? (And You’re Like, Haha, Joke’s On You, I Don’t Even HAVE a Message, Champ.)

Trying to figure out how to package your work into one BIG IDEA can feel like mission impossible—especially if you’re just starting out and trying to get a grasp on what the heck you want to be known for. (And how on earth to describe it in a way that’s fresh, interesting, and succinct.) Do any of the following sound like your current nightmare? 😅

1. That whole 15-second pitch thing? Sounds more like a 10-minute ramble of doom.

You have a general idea of what you want to say, but you’re still missing clarity and it’s painfully noticeable every time you try to describe who you are and what you do. There must be a more elegant & powerful way to put this?! (PLEASE, LORD DICTIONARY.)

2. You tried writing the copy for your website, but HAHAHAH, (a) Torture, and (b) It all kinda sounds like a bigggg, meandering, long-winded digression.
“Welcome to my website, hardy har har har har!”—anndddd then you face palm. You’re lacking direction & succinctness, which totally happens to EVERYONE at this stage. When you don’t have a clear message, you end up wandering all around the page and your ideas get lost. (And so do your darling readers.)

3. You don’t want to sound like everyone else, but you also just don’t know what else to say to sound fresh, compelling & interesting.
You’re supposed to “differentiate yourself,” but how? Everything has been taken, or at least it feels that way. You worry you aren’t original enough to get noticed. But, you also don’t know how to solve that problem.

4.You’re totally overwhelmed by perfection paralysis.
Not being able to nail this is seriously getting in the way of your progress. You can’t move forward until you nail your messaging, but right now it feels like you might be waiting another 100 years before you finally figure out the perfect way to “word it.”

5. You’d rather eat giant, hairy cockroaches than read your own bio aloud.
Yup. Say no more. Writing about yourself only serves to highlight your own uncertainty about what in the living hell you are doing or why anyone should care. 🥴

Meat & Hair - The Magic Message Bootcamp


A Cohesive, Brilliant Message Will Rev Your Confidence, Crank Sales Up to 90mph & Make Customers Line Up Around the Block—But Without That Message, the Same Person Doing the Same Work, With the Same Level of Talent, Will S-t-r-u-g-g-l-e 😾

Isn’t that the ugly, sebum-filled truth? (Ugh, sebum.)

A memorable, sticky message is often the missing piece of the puzzle: it doesn’t matter what you do, the way you package what you do is a game-changer. There might be one-hundred other people in your sphere who do the same exact thing as you, but you know who’s going to attract all the followers, fans & clients?

The person with the message that excites the most.

When you have an exciting, buzz-worthy message, it produces an instant chain reaction: way more Instagram followers, way more clicks, way more subscribers, way more interest in your work, way more clients, way more fanfare, way more word-of-mouth, way more reputation, and, of course, way more money.

Your messaging does the heavy lifting for you. 🏋️‍♀️

And you know what else happens when you have an exciting message that’s memorable & sticky & soundbite-able?

  • On average, customers spend twice as much every year 2️⃣.

  • They recommend your stuff 1.5 times more!

  • They’re wayyyy less price sensitive: they’re 2.3X more likely to pay premium rates—and not balk at the cost (a game-changer if you’ve struggled with push back for even basic invoices)

  • Your brand gets shared all over the internet without you even having to do anything 🔥

  • You get invited to speak, contribute, be on podcasts, dance with the wolves (that’s code for “attend fancy retreats in Norway”)

  • Your reach explodes with far less effort—and zero ad spend, if you’re really hardcore

  • And, your average annual revenue goes through the ROOF *makes sign with fingers*

*From a study from The Harvard Business Review titled The New Science of Customer Emotions.


About the Instructor, Ash Ambirge

Ash Ambirge

Ash Ambirge is the founder of The Meat & Hair Creative Writing Company, an expert ghostwriter with clients like Penguin Random House, an award-winning blogger & newsletter writer at Selfish Forever (formerly The Middle Finger Project), and the instructor of The Magic Message Bootcamp 🌟

Seth Godin called her “an original voice in a world with too little of it,” and she’s known widely as one of the most irreverent writers in the online space. Ash’s hallmark book, THE MIDDLE FINGER PROJECT, is available at bookstores worldwide, including Barnes & Noble, Target, Waterstone’s and everywhere books are sold, and her work has been featured on The BBC, CBS Radio, The Jenny McCarthy Show, Entrepreneur Magazine, Real Simple Magazine, Philadelphia Magazine, and on hundreds of podcasts.

Ash is an expert creative writer, and is regularly called upon by Top 5 Publishers as a secret weapon “book doctor” to help flailing manuscripts that need a consistent message & punchy prose. She founded The Meat & Hair Creative Writing Company to help businesses & content creators find their voice, put their personality on the page, and learn to write with substance & style—AKA meat & hair. 🍖💈 Because boring writing doesn’t sell, and in today’s world? You can’t afford to be invisible.

With a master’s degree in Linguistics, a degree in Communications & PR, and over a decade of experience writing for clients who want to stand out from the crowd, Ash believes that what you say about your work is just as important as your actual work—because perception is everything. Not just your customers’, but your own. And when you have the right words to describe your idea?

You have power.




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