Surplus Trader Secret by Matt Goldberg

Surplus Trader Secret

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Surplus Trader Secret by Matt Goldberg

Surplus Trader Secret by Matt Goldberg

What is this program


Surplus Trader Secrets Stocklot Masterclass teaches you how to start a wildly profitable surplus overstock trading business with all the tools, methods & systems you need to learn exactly how to source, buy & sell surplus overstock inventory.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any skills or any previous business experience. Everything you need to know is provided step-by-step in this training program.


Once You Have Completed This Training, you will know:

  • Exactly How & Where To Find Lots Of Surplus Inventory For ANY Type Of Product !
  • How To BUY Stock Inventory At The Right Price & Negotiate Like A Pro !
  • Be Able To FIND The Right BUYERS Who Are Looking For YOUR Stock Inventory
  • HOW To BUY & SELL Stock Inventory Without Needing ANY Storage !
  • Have Learnt To Build Lists Of Hundreds Of Suppliers & Buyers FAST !
  • EXACTLY How To BUY & SELL Stock Inventory Without Having Any Money


Course Overview

Module #1: Getting Started

  • Introduction on the SECRETS of making money in the surplus stock business
  • How to QUICK START your profitable surplus stock business and the tools to succeed
  • What sort of PRODUCTS to start looking for right from the start
  • Best & FASTEST methods to build contact lists to buy from & sell to.


Module #2: Building Supplier 

  • Fast proven ways to build SUPPLIER contacts using online manual methods that WORK
  • Secret ways to build hundreds, even thousands of SUPPLIER contacts automatically in minutes !
  • Quick & easy ways to build SUPPLIER contacts using an online virtual assistant
  • Automated method to get regular STOCK OFFERS using enquiry forms


Module #3: Methods To Find Surplus Inventory

  • Secret methods to find SURPLUS Inventory using GOOGLE searches and start receiving offers
  • Surefire ways to source surplus inventory using LINKEDIN and get constant new contacts
  • Fool proof methods to source surplus inventory from AMAZON and start getting stock offers
  • Super fast ways to source surplus inventory using GOOGLE shopping & images
  • Top methods to source surplus inventory using EBAY and start getting stock offers


Module #4: Emailing Contacts

  • Learn how to use time effective email software Sendblaster to email hundreds of companies every day.
  • How to organise your EMAIL lists using iCloud Calendar so you can easily send emails off each day to your supplier contacts
  • Fast ways to send emails to your potential suppliers each day in bulk.
  • What email content do you put into your email letters to grab attention and get results.


Module #5:The Surplus Inventory Offer

  • What to do when you receive a surplus inventory OFFER from a supplier and get the DEAL in motion.
  • All the stock / product details you will need from your supplier to research
  • Learn how to do PRODUCT research online like a PRO and build knowledge on current prices
  • Learn the methods to EVALUATE the OFFER and put an valuation on the inventory.


Module #6: Methods To Find Buyers

  • Intro to effective online methods for finding BUYERS and future potential buyers.
  • Surefire ways to find BUYERS using GOOGLE search.
  • Secret ways to find BUYERS using EBAY & AMAZON
  • Easily build automated system to get new BUYERS using Website Enquiry forms.


Module #7: Doing The Deal

  • How to offer your SURPLUS stock to your CUSTOMERS or potential new customers
  • The secret methods to NEGOTIATING a price on the SURPLUS Stock.
  • HOW to put the DEAL together with the SUPPLIER & the BUYER like a PRO
  • Fool Proof methods to agreeing PAYMENT terms with the SUPPLIER & your BUYER
  • Final online course SUMMARY to motivate you to go out and get RESULTS in your SURPLUS stock business.


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