Klaviyo Email Marketing Masterclass

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Klaviyo Email Marketing Masterclass

How to Increase Your Revenue Up to 4x Through Klaviyo Email Marketing Cut your cost per acquisition by up to 20% and create high-converting email campaigns without increasing your marketing spend.

Email is the leading conversion channel for converting users into customers. When executed correctly, strong email can become one of your most profitable channels for your ecommerce business. Perhaps the reason you’re not getting open and click rates to take that next important step towards a purchase and create additional revenue is because you’re not up to speed with the latest best practices for ecommerce. And guess what? Your list doesn’t grow, your cart abandonment doesn’t decrease, and your business doesn’t generate record-breaking profits until… Your email campaigns convert.



As a matter of fact, without email…

  • Shoppers are abandoning carts faster than a speeding ticket.
  • Facebook ad spend misses out on a 20% decrease in CPA.
  • Customers you worked hard to convert aren’t 3x more likely to return.

…In Short – You’re leaving money on the table until you implement the pieces necessary to refine your email marketing system. When you finally have the ability to get people to open, click and buy from your emails…everything changes. Studies have found that not only are 1 in 5 of your subscribers not regularly opening your emails, they’re most likely NEVER opening your emails.


So what’s the difference between an email marketing strategy that…

  • Decreases Facebook CPAs by 20%
  • Converts into revenue at 4X the rate of social channels
  • Increases list size by 3X

vs. one that…

  • Results in low open rates
  • Loses subscribers
  • Generates deliverability issues

…as you wonder what everyone else is doing? With Klaviyo email marketing, you can convert users who are now in the consideration phase – ready to buy – into purchases. Conversions means more leads, more clicks and more cash flow into your business.

Ecommerce email marketing with Klaviyo.

There’s no other segmentation and automation email provider out there, fit for ecommerce, that can get you profitable one-to-one email segmentation like Klaviyo.

Once you learn and apply email marketing with Klaviyo, you’ll benefit from…

  1. A powerful platform that easily integrates with Shopify and Facebook.
  2. List growth with increased engagement.
  3. Higher conversions that results in lower cart abandonment.
  4. Repeat customers waiting to hear from you….


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