Jason Wright – Local SEO Domination 2020

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Local SEO Domination 2020 by Jason Wright

Local SEO Domination 2020 Jason Wright present.. A Complete ​Local SEO DominationGuide with Jason Wright

All-in-one local SEO training that will move your local SEO to the next level. Jason packaged his techniques into a series of 43 practical videos that will help you get a clear local SEO strategy for your business and dominate in local search.

Google just keeps on changing. Every few months, a new algorithm update shakes up the results page AGAIN! What brought in massive local traffic 2 years ago is now dwindling, leaving you uncertain about what’s going to work in 2020.
If you are an SEO or a local business owner and you’re searching for practical answers on how to dominate Google for local in 2020 we’ve got you covered. In a series of 43 easily digestible videos, Jason – a local SEO instructor with over 10 years experience – will share all the techniques he personally uses to rank at the top of local search for seriously competitive niches.
Let’s get started!
While serving in the military, Jason developed a never quit attitude, this mindset helped him in both work and life. Jason gained hands-on experience working in the digital marketing departments of Disney, Myspace and Playboy. He took all he learned from these roles to take the leap and start his own business doing something he was passionate about; local SEO.
Why Local SEO? “Every local business starts with a single location, which can eventually grow into a national chain. My passion is to help those businesses grow, and local SEO is an essential part of it.”
Stemming from an analytical background, Jason has always questioned qualitative results and gave preference to quantitative tests. He is the founder of Marketing by Data, a Marketing and SEO consulting firm for corporate and small businesses. In 2019, he has helped generate over $10M for his clients.

In September 2019, Jason took over a family law firm located in Los Angeles and has been growing it in a highly competitive market doubling clicks to the site from Google


What’ll you get:

  • Module 1: Website Setup
  • Module 2: Tracking Setup
  • Module 3: Initial Research
  • Module 4: Maps Setup
  • Module 5: On-Page SEO
  • Module 6: Off-Page SEO


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